fiberglass for nails

fiberglass for nails is a high quality, thin soft fiber. shapeable, sterilized, hermetically sealed, and easy to stick to gel, special for fiberglass nails. technique that lengthens nails for natural way removing the artificial form of false nails.

fiberglass nails

have the best fiberglass and be tendence

fiberglass application

The procedure begins with the usual preparation of all the nails, proceeding then to the application of a small amount of PROfiber gel and then the glass fiber for nails which will be placed from the middle of the nail distributing on equal proportions . Cut to the desired size, introduce under UV lamp for 5 seconds remove and proceed to shape and fill the structure with the PROfiber gel and dry the UV lamp again for 5 seconds proceed to shape the nail with curved forceps few minutes and sealed with the lamp again repeat these steps on each nail.

We will receive our package with several fibers joined to one meter, we must chop one of fibers (do not remove the adhesive) and we will work with it, On the nail apply a thin layer of our profiber ultraviolet gel which will help the adhesion of the fiber. of applied this thin layer we will apply the fiber to the nail, we should distribute equitably to the rending of the same looking and give shape, cut the fiber about 3 cm from the nail, leave under the UV lamp for about 3 min and repeat these steps several times



Difference between acrylic nails and fiberglass nails

The differences between acrylic nails and fiberglass nails are primarily their form, since acrylic nails are a straight sheet of hard plastic fiberglass for nails, instead they are many thin fibers and very flexible without any form already given, so it can be adjusted and molded perfectly to any surface.

That damages more. acrylic nails or fiberglass nails?

Here influence many parts, first difference and the method as everyone applies these nail systems, commonly as acrylic nails are not as flexible as fiber glass, should be slightly damaged the natural surface of the nail to increase the adhesion of the same, on the other hand fiberglass PROfiber are easily added without having to damage the nail and its durability is greater than that of any acrylic.

Advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass nails:

Fiberglass nails have many advantages as they result in stronger, longer and natural-looking nails, they are applied to short, long or broken nails and people suffering from allergic reactions as they replace the adhesives of false nails with UV gel.Fiberglass nails are more resistant to the removers leaving the nails with an incredibly natural and luminous appearance, even without the use of enamel. They are considered the best option when making a lengthening of nails, because they are light, thin, durable, natural tonality, no smell, do not cause allergies and easy to remove.

Courses and tutorials of fiberglass:

You can see our online tutorials through the Tutorials section, which will have video tutorials of various application methods of our product and in different languages for your convenience.Fiberglass courses for nails To attend any of our official courses you can enter to our "courses" section and see what days courses will be dictated within your country or Directly organize your and your friends a course in your city and a PROfiber Representative will be able to attend your city.


For this system we will only need glass fiber for profiber nail and UV gel with fiberglass, and with these materials we can easily create our systems it is advisable to use manicure sticks with the fiber can be distributed equally and with a brush we can apply the UV gel also remember that this gel should be dried with the help of ultra violet lamp.


It is highly recommended for girls who bite their nails or have battered nails helps to strengthen very well, Even repairs, are ideal for the maintenance of any system including acrylic.



Our fiberglass for nails of high quality, soft, shapeable, and adheres easily with our PROuv gel


Our formulated gel is specially designed for the application of our fiberglass nail PROfiber.

Where to buy fiberglass for nails

You can buy our fiberglass for nails Directly through our store on this website and have special offers also entering the section "Where to buy" and search for official distributors within your country, or you can buy directly from Amazon.