How is fiberglass applied to nails?

Fiberglass nails step by step

Applying fiberglass to our nails offers us many advantages and benefits. Fiberglass nail extensions tend to be much more aesthetically and attractive than natural nails, which guarantees an aesthetic appearance. In addition, fiberglass nail extensions are thinner than most other types of nail extensions, offering much more agility and flexibility in our hands and fingers.

To apply fiberglass to nails we must open the profiber envelope, where we will find the glass fiber for hermetically sealed nails. We will find several strips of 1 meter joined at the tips (do not remove the adhesive). We will cut only one of the strips on both sides, since we will only use that small strip of 1 meter that we have removed. With this strip, it will reach us for approximately 15 to 30 nails.

Then, we opened profiber gelUV to apply to our nails with a brush. We proceed to empty the gel on a flat surface for our use. With this gel, you can get 10 to 30 perfectly made nails. Do not forget to use a UV lamp for drying the nail.


Step 1:

Cleaning and applied

Aplicacion-de-la-fibra-de-vidrio-para-uñasApplication of fiberglass nails The procedure begins with preparing the nail, cutting the nail if it is too long, filing and sanding to remove any residue of fat from the natural nail.

Then we apply a small portion of the PROUV gel and then the PROfiber fiber in the middle of the nail, applying uniformly on the nail. Then let stand in the UV lamp for 5 to 10 seconds.

Step 2

Measurement of fiber


After the fiber is completely firm in the nail, we proceed to cut it to our preferred size.

Step 3

Gel consistency

Again in the nail, we apply the PROfiber gel and dry using the UV lamp. This step must be used several times until we achieve the desired consistency and hardness.


Step 4

Ideal consistency



When obtaining the desired consistency, we apply the PROfiber gel to let the nail rest on the UV lamp.

Step 5

Nail shape

Using a pair of curved clamps C, we try to give the desired curvature to our fiberglass nails, then let it rest again on the UV lamp.

Step 6

Withdrawal of remains



With a polishing machine, we proceed to remove the remnants of profiber UV gel to achieve that visual design and the desired brightness, thus completing our ideal fiberglass nail.

Step 7

nail enamel application

Apply the polish that you like! The fiberglass for Profiber nails is a solid and resistant component, effective to maintain the consistency and the preferred design in your nails.


fiberglass problems for nails

An application of fiberglass on our nails can cause a bad unexpected result that could to ruin the design of our nails, so it is important to follow these steps that we mentioned for the proper application and handling of the nail fibers.

The common mistakes in the application of the fibers of the nail. Be careful in the application of fiber can avoid one of these errors, which can lead to a very thick nail, or a deformed nail.

If you are starting to apply the fiber of the nails for the first time, we advise you not to apply the fiber so that you can give the design you want gradually, just like we do not recommend applying so much on the top of the nail so you can correct anything mistake.

If you have followed all our steps you can already enjoy some wonderful nails
If you do not have your fiberglass nail products yet, you can enter our store

If you have followed all our steps you can already enjoy some wonderful nails

If you do not have your fiberglass nail products yet, you can enter our store